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working with clients to identify opportunities for application development that bring value through cost savings and customer satisfaction
managing application development projects from inception to timely and quality completion
ongoing maintenance and support to ensure smart application evolution throughout the program lifecycle
closing the loop to ensure that program outcome delivers a valuable return on investment to all stake holders

Welcome to OEM Data

OEM Data has been providing intelligent, innovative application solutions to its clients since 1997. During this time we have learned a great deal and that knowledge is inherent in our current development library, CSFrameworkTM.
Our relationships with our customers have been long and productive. We strive to truley become a trusted partner by constantly bringing value. Identifying opportunities and implementing quality solutions that impact the bottom line of our customers is essential.

We understand that you're looking for more than someone to simply develop an application. You're looking for a member of your team that is willing to learn about how you do business and seek the best solutions for your company.
  • B2B Experience
    With any of our projects, we bring an understanding of how businesses communicate with each other.
  • Product Catalogs
    At the core of our expertise is our ability to comprehend and creatively deliver an interactive product catalog to customers and sales force.
  • Collaboration Portals
    Stay on the same page with your collegues, partners, and customers. Interactive portals that are integrated with how you do business.
  • Darren Murray, Texas Instruments
    „ Your system has significantly streamlined the delivery and presentation of complex product information. It's easy, smart and fast.“
  • Bryce Jones, Trelleborg
    „ You guys have great ability to take technical information and specifications, comprehend it, and then represent it in an easy-to-understand format for the users.“
  • Bob Smith, Dataforth
    „ Our revenue keeps growing. Our new online catalog has a great deal to do with that. Thanks for making it so convenient for us, our customers and sales representatives.“